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Cloud Forest Organics 

An early collaborator was The Nature Conservancy, which helped us in our proof of concept. Since then, we have been thrilled to see the number of exceptional collaborating individuals and institutions grow.


These include: Jocotoco Conservation Foundation (national conservation leader and Cloud Forest Organics project sponsor for donations); the Unidad Educativa Tecnológica Chaco (seed collection center, tree nursery collaboration and development of new recipes from cloud forest ingredients); Delizium (Italian gelato maker using our cloud forest ingredients)  Nütty Bunny (Cloud Forest Crunch Vegan ice cream experimentation using our ingredients), Wageningen University (Thesis publication, alkaloid research on cloud forest ingredients); Harvard University (2023 Climate Circle); Aliados Foundation (helping to monitor native tree growth); Smithsonian Institute researchers (helping to identify potentially new bee species); IDGen AgroCalidad (lab testing of plants and ingredients); INIAP (research on cloud forest ingredient processing); Sacha Waysa Community (with Yakum, building out greenhouses with seeds from our project and comparing nursery and field results); Pulpam Audiovisual helping with amazing videos; UDLA (beginning toxicological studies on potential forest foods), among others. 

Scientists such as mammals expert Jaime Palacios, herpetologist Juan Carlos Sánchez, photographer and herpetologist Jaime Culebras taking amazing video and photos; Botanist Pablo Lozano organizing our botanical survey; Designer and Graphic Artist Alex Reverte helping with our presentations and front-end;  Biotechnologist Francisco Garrido who is helping us with mycelium research; Silvia Baldini, Food Network Chopped Champion who helped develop an exciting ice cream recipe with cloud forest ingredients; and neighbors, friends, and new researchers. And our donors who make all this possible. 

How to Donate

You can send your donations for this project through the collaborating foundation, help our ecosystem from the Jocotoco Foundation donation website


Republic of Cocoa

CloudForest Organics and República del Cacao collaborated in a proof of concept culinary experiment with novel cloud forest ingredients. The result: a  delicious Amazon Trilogy of desserts, made with porotón (chachafruto), an ancient tree protein vital for forest recovery.

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