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Next-generation superfoods from Quijos, Ecuador


About Us

CloudForest Organics aims to provide next-generation wild superfoods grown on 150 acres in Quijos, Ecuador, 90 minutes from Quito's international airport. Using non-traditional agricultural methods, the land will propagate edible flora, restoring secondary-forests and former pastures to their primary nature.

Thanks to this restorative approach to agribusiness, CloudForest Organics will protect the white-spectacled bear and other at- risk animal species that live there, serving as a model for generating revenue from cloudforests through reforestation and community engagement. Target forest crops include porotón, ishpingo, logmillo, guayusa and sangre de drago, among others.

You can meet the founder of CloudForest Organics here.

You can see our recent videos here.



Porotón Desserts in República del Cacao!

CloudForest Organics and República del Cacao have joined forces to offer the delicious Amazon Trilogy of desserts, made with porotón flour and Sacha Cacao.

You can see pictures of the release in República del Cacao's Facebook and Instagram!


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